Interaction, Convergence and Instrumental Synthesis in Live Electronic Music

Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research CMMR São Paulo 2016

Abstract. In this article we present and discuss the interaction and convergence between the instrumental and electroacoustic parts in live electronic music. Our approach is related to the idea of sound morphology, based on the undulatory and granular paradigms of sound. We also analyze the process of instrumental synthesis based on frequency modulation (FM), in order to generate pitches and enable timbre interpolation. For these purposes, we address some examples in our works Oceanos (for sax alto), Poussières cosmiques (for piano) and Diatomées (for instrumental ensemble), all of them with live electronics. We conclude comparing the analyzed operations with the emerging form of these works considering both the micro and macro temporal aspects.

Keywords: Live electronic music, interaction and convergence, undulatory and granular paradigms, frequency modulation, timbre interpolation.


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